is such a casual
RogueVania Puzzle Platformer,
you can play it with one hand.
TBD End of 2023!
Currently looking for an international Publisher.

Dungeon Blob combines the core elements of Metroidvania and Rogue-likes. The overarching elements of collecting throwables and reaching new worlds are combined with a novel action-puzzle gameplay.

As a Blob you can morph into a wide variety of different objects to avoid, attack, sneak, match, uncover and overcome levels that are randomly generated each run.

Players decide which transformations they want to carry into the dungeon to progress further and further. Each combination offers different playstyles and has unique benefits and drawbacks.

Solve puzzles, defeat bosses, find and unlock transformations to reach new areas; and eventually achieve your overall, yet to be defined, mysterious goal.

- play with just one hand!
- plan via a trajectory
- random generated levels
- find many different unique items
- each run will be different
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